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Meet the Principals


Hello Meadow Brook Families!!

I am Mark D. Lebsack, Principal of Meadow Brook Intermediate.  Allow me to be the first to welcome you to Meadow Brook Intermediate.  I am so excited for this year and know it is going to be an incredible learning experience for your kids.  

A little bit about me.  I am beginning my 4th year here at MBI.  I firmly believe that we are called into the profession of education.  With that comes great responsibility in providing our students with the best opportunity for success.  No one impacts the learning of kids more than the classroom teacher and it is my responsibility to make sure that we provide teachers with the leadership and resources to do so.  I am convinced that every educator has a powerful story that has led them to this point in their career and we want to help kids nurture their own story as they progress through their educational journey.  

I am honored to have this opportunity to work in my home district.  My wife, Diana, is also an educator.  We have two daughters that attend Mustang Public Schools.  As parents, our experience with Mustang schools is the main reason I was completely driven to pursue an opportunity to join this incredible team of educators. 

If you haven’t done so already, take the time to read through the district’s mission, vision, and core values.  These are not just words on a page.  This is a way of life in Mustang Public Schools.  Mustang is a true community of people who are dedicated to kids and helping them be successful in life. 

The future is very bright for all of the stakeholders of Meadow Brook Intermediate.  I am so proud of our faculty and staff and firmly believe they are second to none.  Alongside the Meadow Brook faculty and staff, I will work hard to continue the tradition of success and excellence in providing high quality education that has been established by all of our schools and expected by Mustang families.  I believe positive relationships are critical and I am dedicated to creating an atmosphere that is safe, positive, and full of learning opportunities for our students.

I am so excited to begin working with our families and community members.  If I can answer any of your questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Our office number is 405-256-5250.   


Great things are ahead for Meadow Brook and remember…”At Meadow Brook, We have GRIT!”


Mark D. Lebsack


Meadow Brook Intermediate

[email protected]