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Mrs. Cammie C. Jeffries

Mustang Middle School
8th Grade Science
Planning Period: 8:40am - 9:30am
[email protected] 



Classroom Expectations:
Be in your seat when the bell rings for class to start.
- Always have paper & a writing utensil.
- Be respectful of everyone in the room.
- Ask questions!

Grading Scale: 60% Assessment (Tests or Quizzes), 40% Classroom Work
(Parents: Please check parent portal often to view your child’s grades.)

Absent work policy:
Per the district policy, students will have the same number of days they missed to turn in the assignment.  For example, if a student misses Monday and Tuesday, they would receive the work they missed in class when returning Wednesday. They missed two days so they have Wednesday and Thursday to complete the work, and would need to turn it in when they get to class Friday.
*If students are going to be gone for a school activity, please ask for work before that date.

Late work policy:

If work is turned in late, 15 points will be deducted from the grade once the work is received.
(Exceptions will be made at teacher’s discretion.)
Once the current nine weeks has ended, work from that nine weeks will not be accepted.

Curriculum: This is an integrated course involving Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth Science. Life Science involves cell processes, animal adaptations and diversity among species. Physical Science will include the properties of matter, balancing chemical equations, analyzing chemical reactions and newton’s three laws of motion and how they apply to the world around us.  Earth Science will focus on the history of Earth, the types of rocks and how they form, and earthquakes and volcanoes. Math and Language skills will also be integrated in analyzing and interpreting data.

Contacting me:
Mrs. Cammie C. Jeffries

Email: [email protected]

Planning Period: 8:40am – 9:30am