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Online Payments/InTouch

 A ParentPortal Account is required to use the InTouch system. 
To pay student fees and for other items without a ParentPortal account, you will need to contact the school/program.

Mustang Public Schools offers an online payment program that will simplify paying for students fees, fundraisers, donations, field trips, Bronco Club and more.

Parent Portal

In order for a parent to use the new InTouch system for online payments, parents must already have an account set up in Parent Portal. Through Parent Portal, parents can view their child’s attendance, grades and more.

For parents with an existing Parent Portal account:

Visit MPS InTouch and follow the directions on the screen.

If a student has outstanding obligations, such as a lost textbook, those must be paid first. Once obligations (if any) are taken care of, parents will be able to select from a list of options including paying for class fees, parking permits, yearbooks, agendas, BroncoClub and more.

For parents who do not have their account set up in parent portal, must pay at their child’s school site by cash, check or credit/debit card.

To Create A Parent Portal Account:

A parent/guardian can contact MPS Central Enrollment:

Email Central Enrollment

Photo ID will be required to receive a Parent Portal username and password. Once complete, access will be granted to the child’s grades and attendance as well as the InTouch payment system.

InTouch Instructions step-by-step

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InTouch Login:

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Note:  Payment for breakfast and lunch will continue to go through MySchoolBucks