Momentum23 Informational Flyer

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MPS Family,

As you know, the Board of Education has approved a Bond election for February 14, 2023 to address the growth that we have seen and will continue to see in our community.  On Monday, each of you received an email with the initial press release, and we would now like to share with you this:

Momentum23 Informational Flyer

We will be working to continually update you on this Bond and our website is also a wealth of information on this topic; so please visit for additional information.  You can also/alternatively visit for all things Bond/Momentum23.  

As always, we greatly appreciate your support.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to   

PS:  I am also attaching the 2023 Election Deadlines from the State Election Board.  Here are the key dates for the 2/14/Momentum23 election:

  • Voter Registration Deadline:  1/20/23

  • Deadline To Request An Absentee Ballot:  1/30/23

  • Early Voting: 2/9-10/23

  • Election Day:  2/14/23

Please feel free to share/spread the word!  

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