BroncoArts Outreach: Thank You 2017 Bond Voters

photo of the Mustang Performing Arts Center looking up from front entrance toward the sky

After two years of dedicated work, the Mustang Public Schools Long Range Planning Committee of parents, community members and school staff crafted a proposal approved by the Board of Education; the focus of the plan began and remained on what is best for the kids and providing not only classroom space but also room to expand the programs that bring our students so many opportunities as well.

On Valentine's Day 2017, MPS took a bond issue of $180.8 million to patrons, and voters turned out in record number, despite the cold and rain, to cast their ballots affirming their support for the District. 

The 2017 bond issue has made it possible to plan for the district’s average student population growth with the new Riverwood Elementary (opened in August 2018), Meadowbrook Intermediate School (also opened in August 2018) and Mustang Central Middle School (opening in August 2019). Capacity on the high school campus was also be increased with a new freshman cafeteria, eight classrooms, a science academy for upper-level courses and a new visual and performing arts center.

The Growth Continues

Mustang Public Schools is one of the premier school districts in Oklahoma having been recognized repeatedly as a Top Employer and Workplace. Thanks to the continued support of the Mustang voters over the years, the district enjoys quality facilities and expanding opportunities for its students. It’s also a district where, from pre-kindergarten to the walk across the stage at graduation, everyone is a Bronco. It’s a unique continuity, gradually blending all corners of the district into one high school that is a shining star in the State of Oklahoma. 

The reputation of Mustang Schools is evident when looking at its continued growth in enrollment. The district’s student population grows between 200 (2014) to 1500 (2021) students annually. That’s the equivalent of adding, on average, the population of an elementary school to the district every year. This growth would not be manageable without the continued support of the Mustang community. 

Front facing view of Riverwood Elementary School

Thanks to the February 14, 2017 bond issue for $180.8 million, the district’s eighth elementary school, Riverwood Elementary, opened at 44th Street and Czech Hall Road in August 2018 along with a third intermediate school, Meadow Brook Intermediate, at 15th Street and Czech Hall Road. In August 2019, the district’s third middle school, Mustang Central Middle School, opened at 44th and Czech Hall Road as well.

photo of the Mustang Performing Arts Center looking South

This bond issue made room for new students to join the district with the construction of three new schools and many program spaces. It’s important to note that the work done on Mustang High School in 2010 drastically increased its capacity. This 2017 bond proposal also included an addition of eight classrooms, a science academy, and a freshman cafeteria/commons, all of which expanded the capacity of MHS to account for the aforementioned growth. The Performing Arts Center also increased capacity and decreased the student load on the main campus by moving fine arts classes/teachers to the new facility.

The Mustang Board of Education has previously made a commitment to keep taxes as steady as possible for the community; this bond issue was no different. The bond issue created opportunities for all students, and although it was the largest bond issue that the district had taken to the voters, it had little to no impact on taxes: the millage target has remained at 28 with the district growth serving to offset that, making the actual tax millage much lower.

The need for new schools, classrooms, and program space is a wonderful problem for any school district to have. It speaks to the dedication of the teachers and administrators and the support of the community. Along with that comes the challenge of meeting the needs of our students and staff. Information about what the district has accomplished with past bond issues is available in the tabs above. Please take a moment to read the questions and answers below. 

Video: Bronco Arts Outreach

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