Key Club Earns Record Honors

MHS Key Club on stage at LEADCON 2023 in Dallas, TX.

#TMSG - Over the weekend, Ms. Trena Rogers accompanied 21 students and Luke Ellis the Mustang Kiwanis advisor travelled to Dallas for the 74th annual Key Club Leadership Convention "LEDCON." This year there were over 500 students in attendance representing almost 20,000 students in the Texas-Oklahoma Key Club in over 342 total clubs. This year our club brought home the most awards, scholarships and recognitions in the history of attendance! Here is a list the honors:

Top website award- Mustang

Distinguished website award-Mustang

Distinguished webmaster award- Diana Nguyen

Outstanding Webmaster Award-Katie Doan

Distinguished editor award-Brenda Nguyen

Outstanding Vice-President- Andrew Hoang

Top 6 in Texas Oklahoma for Talent- Madigan Glenn and Amy Ha

Two of five selected for Quiz Bowl to represent Oklahoma- Madigan Glenn and Brookelynn Murrah

$1200 Krishna Suther Scholarship- Andrew Hoang

Texas-Oklahoma Key Award- Mustang High School Key Club

Traditional Scrapbook 2nd place trophy winner-Mustang High School

Top 25 ranked #14 out of over 342 schools in the Texas Oklahoma district

Olivia Scott Sophomore of the Year Mustang Kiwanis Award $600

Andrew Hoang- Glen Muse/Cecil Wolf Senior scholarship Award $1,000

Madigan Glenn- Glen Muse/Cecil Wolf Senior scholarship Award $1,000

This is on top of the countless hours of service these students have provided for our school and community. Many of the students who attended the convention have over 150 hours of volunteer hours from this school year.

The MHS Key Club has received numerous awards, Texas Oklahoma Kiwanis Foundation Key Club Scholarships, and actively contributes to several service projects throughout the community. Some of these projects include: the annual Kiwanis Club Pancake Supper and Duck Races, the MHS Food Pantry "Backpack Program", participating at Harn Homestead, supporting Senior Bingo, donating to projects like the Thirst Project and the Red Cross, volunteering at the Regional Food Bank and many more. MHS Key Club fundraisers for students to participate in the yearly convention and to make the donations to the multitude of projects they have each school year.

In no particular order there are 21 students:

Andrew Hoang

Hoang Nguyen

Lyfe Carramen

Max Foster

Brenda Nguyen

Chloe Nguyen

Diana Nguyen

Nguyet Nguyen

Tran Nguyen

Than Nguyen

Alexis Bonjour

Asa Ha

Madigan Glenn

Brooklynn Bailey

Brookelynn Murrah

Katie Doan

Angelina Le

Talise Vo

Diana Aviles

Nina Hunyh

Olivia Scott

Faculty advisor: Ms. Trena Rogers

Kiwanis advisor: Mr. Luke Ellis


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