1st Grade (Soon-To-Be 2nd Grade) Summer Learning Information

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MPS 1st Grade Families,

Summer offers an opportunity to read and learn at a different pace, but it's important to keep the mind of your 1st grader/soon-to-be 2nd grader engaged. Our reading, writing, and thinking muscles need exercise all year round! Here are some things you can do this summer:

Summer Reading Tips to Go!

Sign up for summer learning tips, in English or Spanish. You'll receive three messages per week that include hands-on activities to keep kids reading, creating, exporting, and learning all summer long! Text (855)773-1019 with the words "READING" for tips in English and "LECTURA" for tips in Spanish. Messaging rates may apply.

Use Lexia at Home

Until June 30th, your child can use Lexia® Core5® Reading at home. Core5 is a fun, computer-based program that has helped millions of students improve their literacy skills. The activities in Core5 support and build on your child’s classroom curriculum and focus on developing reading skills in six areas: phonological awareness, phonics, structural analysis, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Here’s how Lexia Core5 Reading works:

• Your child is working within Core5 at a starting point that fits his or her needs.

• Online activities include direct instruction and immediate feedback as your child learns new skills.

• Progress and performance in the online activities are saved and available for teacher review.

• During the school year, your child has the opportunity to participate in collaborative, hands-on activities to reinforce skills introduced online and further develop learning.

We hope you share in our excitement about using Core5 with your child this summer! These documents will help you get started: 



For questions regarding Lexia usage over the summer months, please email Misty Eidson at eidsonm@mustangps.org.                     

Summer Reading Bingo Challenge

Complete five in a row or try to fill the whole board. Return it to school in the fall for a treat!


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