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Welcome to the District Operations Website!  A well-functioning school district relies on a myriad of operations, from transportation and facilities management to technology and human resources. Our commitment to providing a safe, efficient, and supportive environment for both students and staff is at the heart of what we do. This website serves as a gateway to information on the vital functions that ensure the success of our district. As we work diligently to maintain and enhance our operations, we invite you to explore the inner workings of our district and gain an appreciation for the teamwork and dedication that go into providing the best possible educational experience. 

Our Team

Jason Pittenger, Assistant Superintendent of Operations 

Alan Green, Chief Operations Officer 

Kenny Wilson, Custodial Manager

Wilson Grider, Maintenance Manager 

Phone: 405-376-7921
Please do not use this number for Transportation concerns, instead please visit:

Maintenance Department
The Mustang Public Schools Maintenance Department is responsible for the maintenance and improvement of 2 million square feet of building space at 16 school sites including more than 700 classrooms, 150 office areas and multiple gymnasiums and cafeterias. The most important goal of the Mustang Public Schools maintenance department is to assure students across the district have a safe learning environment. As part of district core values of laser focusing on student success, district operations are split into four distinct maintenance areas.

License Trades serves essential functions in areas of HVAC, Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing. For example, they help to maintain temperature, humidity, air quality, and lighting in all facilities and classrooms throughout the district.

Building and Grounds perform duties in regards to maintaining district grounds, mowing, fencing, signage, furniture repair and relocation, welding, roofing, painting, and general carpentry projects.

Custodial Services are responsible for daily thorough cleaning of all facilities district wide. From floors to ceilings and everything in between, custodians make every effort to keep MPS schools clean each and every day ready for students, faculty and staff.

Bonds and Construction focuses on new construction, renovation and major repair projects. They are a vital part of making sure students and staff have what they need when opening up a new facility. They also take on district wide renovation and repairs as required throughout each year.

As the district continues to grow, collaboration between these departments and others is essential for district operations to run efficiently. Daily activities become more challenging as more facilities are added to their respective duties. Keeping district clean, safe and in good working order for students and staff is an ongoing assignment for the Mustang Public Schools maintenance/operations team.

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