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Sequoyah 2.0 Challenge

 2020-2021 Sequoyah 2.0 Reading Challenge

Join the challenge and read books from the 2020-2021 CRI Sequoyah 2.0 Reading List! This year's list includes books from both the Children's & Intermediate Oklahoma Sequoyah Masterlists as well as books from the current Newbery Medal & Honor lists and books from the Coretta Scott King Awards list.  Students should still choose books that are appropriate for them. This is not a required reading assignment. 

Students can find these books in our school library on our Sequoyah 2.0 Reading Shelf. Audio & eBook versions may be found in our digital library collection, SORA.  Check the public library too for these titles! 

5th Grade Students are challenged to read 5 of these books!
6th Grade Students are challenged to read 6 of these books!  

*Earn prizes along the way & an invitation to the Sequoyah Party in May for those who complete the challenge!  

Books chosen from the following: 

Students must complete a Sequoyah Google Form for EVERY book READ & FINISHED by clicking HERE.  You can only fill out the form once per week.