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Unit Activities

Physical Education Unit

Physical Education Class Unit: Outdoor Activities
Activities: Disc Golf, Bocce Ball, Ultimate Frisbee, Spike Ball, Lacrosse 
Physical Education Class Unit: Basketball
Activities:  Hoops for Heart information, ball handling skills, shooting, small group activities/lead ups, half court basketball games, basketball class tournament 
Also, February is Heart Health Month. Our school is participating in the American Heart Association's Kid's Heart Challenge. Donations will be due 2/21/2020. Find out more here:
PE.5.1.6Hand dribble and/or foot dribble while preventing an opponent from stealing the ball.
Physical Education Class Unit: Hockey
Activities: lead up activities, scooter hockey, floor hockey
 PE.5.1.5 Consistently strike a ball, so that it travels in an intended direction and height, using various apparatus (e.g., racket, bat, hockey stick, golf club).
Physical Education Class Unit: Heart Health and teamwork
Activities:  Monitor heart rate (resting, aerobic, and recovery rates), work in cooperative groups to acheive a common goal
PE.5.4.3 Explain the -FIT" principle as applied to exercise (frequency, intensity, and time).   
PE.5.4.2 Monitor intensity of exercise.  
PE.5.3.4 Explain the meaning of -recovery heart rate" as applied to exercise.   
PE.5.6.1 Show respect for persons of like and different skill levels.  
Physical Education Class Unit: Bowling and Speed Stacks
Activities:  lead up activities, 10 pin bowling with iPad scoring, Speed Stacks video, 3-3-3, 3-6-3 and "The Cycle Stack", speed stack stations
Physical Education Class Unit: Fitness Testing
Activities:  Pushups, Situps, Pacer Test, Height, Weight, Sit and Reach
PE.6-7.4The student achieves and maintains a health-enhancing level of physical fitness.
Physical Education Class Unit: Archery
Activities: Archery 101 safety and equipment (all students are tested and must pass test to use a bow), finding eye-dominancy, choosing the right bow, shooting from 10 meters (6th grade will shoot from 10 and 15 meters), scoring each arrow
PE.5.7.3Recognize physical activity as a positive opportunity for social and group interaction.
PE.5.5.2Practice and distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate behaviors for participating with others in physical activity.
PE.5.5.4Identify equipment used and safety precautions necessary for participation in a variety of activities.
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Physical Education Class Unit: Volleyball
Activites: Passing, Hitting, Serving, Blocking, 4 Square Volleyball, Game Play
PE.5.6The student demonstrates understanding and respect for differences among people in physical activity settings.
PE.5.7.3Recognize physical activity as a positive opportunity for social and group interaction.
PE.6-7.1.7Volley an object in a small group, without catching it (e.g., balloon, ball, foot bag).
Physical Education Class Unit: Football
Activites: Flag Football, Bronco Ball, PPK (punt, pass kick)
PE.6-7.1.4Demonstrate accuracy and distance in throwing of a variety of objects (e.g., saucer- shaped disks, deck tennis rings, footballs).
PE.6-7.2The student applies movement concepts and principles to the learning and development of motor skills.
PE.6-7.5The student demonstrates responsible personal and social behavior in physical activity settings.
PE.6-7.6.1Participate with and show respect for persons of like and different skill levels.