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Schedule & Snacks

*tentative and subject to change 

07:50***      Pre-K Arrival and Morning Check-In

08:00            Welcome meeting

08:15            Whole Group

08:50            Snack

09:00            Guided Learning Stations & Small Groups

09:50            Morning Recess

10:10            Restroom Break

10:20            Lunch in the Cafeteria

11:00            Guided Learning Stations & Small Groups 

12:00            Specials

12:40            Rest Time

01:40            Afternoon Recess

02:05            Daily Journaling

02:20            End of Day Procedures             

02:35            Dismissal  


****Regular arrival and dismissal for Pre-K students is always done through the car line of Trails on the west side of the building. Access to the car line is a turn off of Czech Hall Rd., just north of 15th Street.   



Pre-K students will be offered a time for snacks every morning. All students will need to bring a healthy snack daily in their backpack for this time. Snacks must be pre-packaged or sealed in a baggie/leakproof recepticle and easy to serve. No drinks, please (including squeezeable or drinkable yogurts). I will provide cups and water for every student each day. Please do not send cookies, chips, candy, juice, or soda. The following is a list of some healthy options to consider that will work well for Pre-K kiddos:

  • String cheese and cereal puffs
  • Veggie straws/chips
  • Popcorn (pre-popped!) 
  • Applesauce or fruit cups (and a spoon!)
  • Pudding (or yogurt) cups (and a spoon!) 
  • Single serve trail mix or "fruit and nut" bars
  • Fresh or dried fruit (sliced apples, bananas, strawberries, sliced grapes, cuties)
  • Single serve (to-go) peanut butter cups and sliced fruit 
  • Meat, cheese, and crackers (think basic Lunchables)
  • Yogurt-covered Raisins
  • Baby carrots and single-serve (to-go) dressing, such as Ranch
  • Fruit and cereal bars

This is, by no means, a comprehensive list. If you need other ideas, more help, or have any questions please contact me, as I'm happy to aid you in any way I can! 


"But why am I providing my child's snack every day instead of the traditional "snack calendar" of preschool years gone by?"

I'm so glad you've asked!  

1) There are a lot of widespread allergies in the classrooms of today. By providing your child with his/her own snack, while every other parent does the same for their child, we're ensuring that any children with allergies or on a restricted eating diet are not missing out on our classroom snack time. 

2) A lot of children are picky eaters and have to pass with a "no, thanks," on the snacks brought by their friends (when on a traditional snack calendar). Not only is it sad for the child who is missing out on a snack (albeit by choice), it's also wasteful of the food provided by you, the families. This way, you can pack what your little likes/can eat so nobody misses out and food isn't wasted.

3) This way, the kids aren't stuck inadvertently having the exact same snack every day. This invariably happens near the mid-year point when the students start bringing the same snacks as their friends, such as fruit snacks or goldfish. After so many days, the kids start to be bored of the snacks. By providing your child his/her snack every day, you know what he/she has already eaten and can adjust according to his/her preferences to keep the snacks varied and healthy (and exciting!). 

4) Conversely, when on a traditional snack calendar, sometimes it gets lost or forgotten and then the snack for the day doesn't make it to our classroom. This year, you provide only your child's snack each day, without ever having to wonder if it's your turn to bring the snack bag to class. And this way, I don't have to be the teacher who breaks the news to 20+ four-year-olds that snack for the day is only our water cups. Yikes!

5) This class snack method will provide lots of opportunity for you and your little one to discuss healthy snack options very regularly. Research shows that a child's most important role model for eating habits is their parent(s). Think of this as a chance to teach your child about healthy bodies and food choices so you can harden the foundation for his/her eating habits early in life! It's also a good way to include your child in making choices about parts of their school day that can make them feel excited, independent, and proud.   


"But what if I forget my child's snack?" 

It could happen. We're only human, afterall, and we've all got a lot on our plates (no pun intended).   If this is a concern you have, please don't hesitate to email me or give me a call. I'm here to help!


"There are other reasons this won't work for my family. What should I do?"  

Please get in touch with me. The last thing I want is for you to be apprehensive about whether or not your child is receiving a snack at school. Pre-K is a big enough change in everyone's life as it is, so I don't want you to be stressed or frustrated. I'm flexible and always want to do what is best for your child, so let's talk.