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Renee Owen

Ms. Owen's 2018-2019 Syllabus

Course Title -  Math                                                            Teacher -  Ms. Owen
Plan Time -  8:10-8:50                                                        Contact #-  405-256-5250 
Email address - [email protected]                             Room #  126
Best way to contact me:  It is best to contact me by sending a message on Remind, through email, or call the school and leave a message.  I will respond as soon as possible.       
Welcome to 5th grade!  I am excited to start a new school year.  I will be teaching Science this year.  I have many exciting lessons planned for your student designed to engage and enrich their learning.  We will have a rewarding and successful year!!
Classroom Instructional techniques/methods: 
This class will incorporate a variety of techniques and methods such as:  table work, independent and group projects, hands on inquiry, interactive notebooks, debate, art intergration, and whole class and small group discussions.  The class will also be partially flipped instruction (required reading done at home). 
When students complete An assignment in class they are required to turn it into the appropriate spot.  They will also check to make sure they have their name, teacher's name and date on it.  Students will not usually have homework, however If a student does not finish an assignment during class time, they will  be allowed to take the assignment home to complete it and return it the next day.  I will occasionally assign projects to be completed at home as well as memorization of important historical documents throughout the year.  Information regarding these tasks will be sent home in advance to allow ample time for completion.
There will be a variety of assessments and projects throughout the year for both classes.  Assessment scores are performance based and could come from in-class labs, projects, lesson quizzes, chapter/unit assessments, as well as quarterly benchmarks. 
Grading Procedures & Grading Scale: 
A= 90-100
B= 80-89
C= 70-79
F= 59 & Below 
Quizzes and tests are worth up to 2 grades. 
At least 1/2 of an assignment must be completed in order to receive a grade.  If not, students will have an opportunity to complete these assignments at home.
Late work: 
 1 day late - up to 80%
1 week late - up to 70%
Lowest grade on any completed assignments - 50%
After two weeks - zeros are entered into the gradebook. 
Redo Assignments: 
All students will be allowed the opportunity to redo class assignments or homework if they earn a score below 70%.  I will average the two grades together for a  final grade.  If the assignment is never returned, the student will receive the original score in the gradebook.  Additional help on assignments will be available at student's request.
In our class we work hard to be positive, encouraging, and respectful.  However, if a student is struggling to follow expectations, I will always try multiple interventions to help them be successful.  Team 5th West has a strike system, where if students reive 3 strikes in a two week period they will receive  an after school detention.  Detentions end at 5pm and students would need to be picked up at the front of the bulding.  If a student receives 2 strikes, you will be notified that the following strike will result in a detention.  Please understand that if a student receives a strike they have already received multiple warnings/reminders about following school rules.  Our team will keep track of student behavior together.  Also, strikes start back at 0 (a fresh start)  every 2 weeks.  If your child is struggling I will contact you and you are always welcome to contact me as well.  I am availbable before school, during lunch, and after school to give your child aditional help if needed.
If you ever have any questions, please feel freee to ask.  I am looking forward to working with your student this year!
Thank you,
Ms. Owen