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Regena Bryant

Syllabus 2021-2022

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8th Grade ELA1

Mrs. Regena Bryant, M.Ed.

Mustang Middle School

[email protected]

Plan hour: 10:28-11:18

Course Description

Throughout the school year, in alignment with the Oklahoma Academic Standards, ELA2 students will grow in their understanding of the following concepts: speaking, active listening, the writing process, critical writing (essays), grade-level vocabulary, Standard American English), research, and independent writing.

Required Materials

  • ELA Binder

  • Pencil

  • Notebook Paper

  • Highlighters

Classroom Expectations

PATIENT: If you have a question or something you’d like to share, please raise your hand and wait to be called upon.

POLITE: When speaking to others in this classroom, you will either be kind or quiet.

PREPARED: Bring all necessary materials to class, and make sure your pencil is sharpened before attendance is taken.

PRODUCTIVE: We will work hard in this class every single day. You always have control of your attitude and effort.

PROMPT: Students should enter the classroom prior to the tardy bell and immediately begin Bell Work. Excessive tardies will result in a detention referral.

Cell Phones/Electronic Devices

Devices should always be put away. If a student is on his/her device during class, he/she will be prompted to place the device in a Phone Zone.


Students may not consume any outside food or drinks in the classroom unless it is water.

Grading Policies

GRADING BREAKDOWN: Your overall grade will be based on the following:

*Assessments        60%

*Practice        40%

*Includes any literature-based projects

LATE WORK will receive up to 25% off beginning one day after the final due date. Once ELA Zone will be assigned for a maximum of 50% credit. Late work will be accepted until the unit is completed.

TEST RETAKES are offered for students wishing to earn a higher score on an assessment. Students may only retake a test during a scheduled time before or after school.  In order to retake a test, students must…

  • Complete all missing work, which is designed to prepare them for the assessment.

  • Submit the “Request to Retest” Form within 3 days of receiving their test score. This form requires a parent/guardian signature.

  • Retakes are available up to one week after the original test date.

EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITIES will be limited throughout the year. In order to be eligible for extra credit, students must have zero missing assignments. 

Absent Student Expectations

Students are encouraged to work in Canvas on the day(s) they miss, but this is not required. If possible, students should notify the teacher prior to their absence, so all make-up work can be given ahead of time. Upon returning to school, please check the “Absent? Missing” Student Section to retrieve the work we completed while you were absent.

ACTIVITY ABSENCE: Students are expected & required to ask the teacher for work prior to the absence. Original due dates are upheld when absent for school functions. Please consult the student handbook for district policies pertaining to absences.