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Matthew R. Stevens

8th Grade US History and Government

US History I - 1760-1877



Matthew R. Stevens

Mustang Middle School

email: [email protected]

Room: D108

1st Hour (8:40-9:30) - Plan Period

2021 Stevens - Syllabus.docx

Personal Info:

Hi I will be your instructor for 8th Grade US History and Government.  I am a college graduate from Fort Hays State University and studied Public Relations and Political Science.  I am currently in my 14th year in education and also coach wrestling as a hobby.  I am married to my wife Tonya who is an officer in the United State Army.  I also have 3 kids, Taylor (20), Tristan (15) and Savannah (7).  

Course Info:

The focus of the course in United States History for Grade 8 is the American Revolution through the Civil War and Reconstruction Eras (1754-1877). The student will describe and analyze the major causes, key events, and important personalities of the American Revolution. The student will examine in greater depth the factors, events, documents, significant individuals, and political ideas that led to the formation of the United States of America. These will be pursued through a chronological study of the early national period, westward expansion, and the Civil War and Reconstruction Eras. Citizenship skills will focus upon the historic development and understanding of constitutional government in the United States. The student will continue to develop and put to use a variety of Social Studies Process and Literacy Skills.