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Upcoming Events

The following is a list of events that will be happening through the P.E. department.  More information will be made available as the dates approach. 
Bowling Field Trip- Fourth Grade-December TBA
Kids Heart Challenge - All grades - February 27th- March 12th
All District Track Meet- Fourth Grade- May TBA
Physical Education Fundraiser- Super Kids Day T-shirt sales- April TBA
Archery Unit- Third and Fourth Grade- March or April TBA
Trails will participate in Kids Heart Challenge coming up at the end of the month. 
Everyone will get the experience and exercise by showing off their jump rope skills on those days.
It will involve single rope skills, long rope skills and Chinese jump ropes.  If your child is interested in raising money for the American Heart Association, they can set up an online account or collect money through friends and family.  We will be accepting online donations as well as personal checks.  NO CASH or CHANGE, please.  If your child raises $5 or more, they will get to participate in the Glow Party on Friday, March 27th.

Ms. Harrison and Mrs. Struck

 LeeAnn Harrison:
I have been a physical education teacher at Mustang Trails for 30 years. I have a dog named Reba and I love playing golf with my friends.
Kristin Struck: 
I have been a physical education teacher in Mustang for 10 years. I was previously at Mustang Valley but I have moved over here and I am LOVING Trails! I have been married to my husband, Andy, for 7 years and we have two babes- Nash (3) and Sage (1). I absolutley love being a PE teacher and I look forward to building relationships with as many students as I can!  
Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or [email protected]
Physical Education Schedule:
Fourth Grades-8:05-9:00
Third Grades-9:00-9:55
Second Grades-9:55-10:50
PreK- 12:00-12:30 
First Grade-1:25-2:20