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Kevin Koch

5th / 6th Grade TECHNOLOGY


   Welcome to Technology!  This is my 18th year of teaching, all of which have been here for Mustang Public Schools.  This is my ninth year teaching Technology at Canyon Ridge, before that I taught 4th and 5th grade at Mustang Creek Elementary.
  I LOVE technology!  I have always been fascinated by it, ever since I was little.  The first computer I ever used was an Atari 800 (see picture below).  Being the youngest of four boys, I had to figure a lot of stuff out on my own, which included navigating and using the computer.  I distinctly remember having a football game that we bought for our computer back in the early 90's.  My father was so annoyed though because it required 40 megabytes of hard drive space to install, which at the time was half of our hard drive.  It is pretty funny since most hard drives today have 10,000 times or more space than what we had at the time.  Technology has come a long way in my lifetime, and I love learning and playing with all the new gadgets that become available.

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Kevin Koch
Canyon Ridge Intermediate
5th / 6th Grade Technology
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