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Kelly Coffman

Contact Information:
[email protected] 
Digital Communication: SeeSaw Parent and Family
The most reliable way to contact me is through e-mail or the Seesaw app.
My students and I will be using Seesaw this year to document daily learning activites and growth at school, as well as for sending home notes and other important reminders. Please be sure and get connected with my classroom (via your child's digital journal) on your smart phone or tablet. If you need any assistance or have any questions/concerns, please don't hesitate to

Hello, families, and welcome to Pre-K!
I am Kelly Coffman and I am beyond thrilled to be your child’s teacher for this 2019-2020 school year! A little background on me – this will be my 9th year in the classroom and my 10th year in education. I have worked in special education, Kindergarten, and Pre-K, as well as operated my own home-based preschool program for early childhood. I graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma and have lived in this great state for my entire life!  I am married (Mr. Coffman is our Trails Library Media Director) and we have twin six-year-old boys. The four of us adore family movie nights and trips to the local public parks and library. Some of my favorite hobbies include shopping at Target, spending time exploring nature with my boys, and garage fitness. I am so looking forward to working together with you and your child on his/her learning, and I can’t wait to figure out his/her favorite things and what makes this year’s group of growing minds tick!

The following links contain shopping wishlists for items that would benefit every student in our classroom. These learning resources could help provide us with a more enriched and hands-on learning experience, and add to the fun and joy of learning throughout our day! 

There is absolutely no obligation, whatsoever. Also, I realize it is common practice for parents and students to show their appreciation by gift-giving to teachers during the holidays or for special/appreciation occasions. I am here to help your children learn and grow, and this is my passion. If you so feel compelled to give, I would much prefer that you donate to our classroom from these wishlists. Thank you so much, and thank you for sharing your kids with me! 

 Mrs. Coffman's Classroom Wishlist at Lakeshore Learning Store



Amazon.com Wishlist for Mrs. Coffman's Pre-K Kiddos 




Our class is using the digital app Seesaw for
content creation and online journals
to document our learning and growth this year!
If you have not received an invite to access your child's journal,
please contact me via e-mail A.S.A.P.
To access Seesaw from a smart device, download the
Seesaw Family app.
To access Seesaw from a computer, please visit