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Strength and Conditioning

As Mustang Middle School’s Strength and Conditioning instructor, I am greatly concerned with your child’s wellbeing in my classes.  I feel that it is my responsibility and duty to provide a safe learning environment for your child.  Therefore, in establishing the policy and participation guidelines for my class, I set rules with your son/daughter’s utmost health and safety in mind.


CELL PHONES – Leave your cell phones in your lockers, they are not allowed in Strength and Conditioning. DO NOT have them out in the locker room for any reason! The only exception will be on our long running days.

CLOTHING – Athletic clothes should be neat and clean.  I recommend that you write your child’s name on all items brought for classStudents will not be allowed to wear the same clothes for Strength and Conditioning that they wear to school.(That’s nasty)

SHIRT – T-shirts with sleeves and a regular neck line are the only shirts allowed. Guidelines in the student handbook will be followed.  T-shirts must be long enough to tuck in. 

SHORTS – Shorts may be cotton, knit, or mesh with an elastic waistband (no zippers or buttons). Student dress code should be followed

SWEATS – Students may wear sweat shirts and sweat pants when going outside during cool weather.  At no time will yoga type pants be allowed.

SOCKS – You must wear socks to class every day.

SHOES – Students must wear athletic type shoes in class.  No skate boarding shoes.  All shoes must have laces and be properly tied for class.  During indoor units, please make sure that the shoes have non-marking type soles. 

HAIR – For safety reasons, hair that is long enough to be pulled back must be secured with an elastic band.  Barrettes or headbands may be used to keep long hair out of the eyes.

JEWELRY – For safety reasons, there is no jewelry of any kind worn during Strength and Conditioning.  Students might want to have a container in their locker to hold the jewelry while in class. 


LOCKERS – Lockers with combinations are issued to secure clothes and other belongings. 

“Don’t share your combination with anyone!!!!”


GUM, CANDY, ETC. – Absolutely no gum, candy, or other food items in class or in the gym/locker room area.

WATER –As athletes, these students should be hydrating frequently. So, bringing a water bottle to school is a must. No students will be allowed to go to the water fountains during class. Students need to ensure that water bottles are full at the beginning of class. I bottle filler is located right outside of the locker rooms.

TARDINESS – Students are expected to be in the gym/locker room before the tardy bell rings.  They are expected to be properly dressed and sitting in assigned row ready to participate within four minutes after the tardy bell rings. 

ILLNESS – If your child is sick or injured and cannot participate in Strength and Conditioning, they must have a note from you to excuse them from participating in the day’s physical activity.  The note must be dated and addressed to me explaining why the student cannot participate.  After three days of non-participation, the parent must make verbal contact with either the instructor or the school nurse to discuss the situation, and/or make arrangements to accommodate the student while they are sick or injured.  Students who fail to dress out without a written excuse from their parent, will lose daily points, not be able to participate in the day’s activities, and may have a written assignment to complete.

Thank-you for cooperation,

Coach Wagnon and Coach Sawyer


Mustang Middle School

Strength and Conditioning Grading System

It is my expectation to have each student participate to the best of his/her ability each and every day.

The policies and procedure guidelines are to be followed by all students.

I am very happy to tell you that students very seldom earn anything other than an A in my class provided they put in the work.

The grading system is based on a combination of daily points, recorded as a weekly grade, and end-of-unit skills tests.  Points are awarded each day for arriving to class on time, dressing out correctly, participating in the day’s activity, and abiding by the rules established for the weight room and the locker room.

Grading Scale – Ten points per day in class

The following are examples of some of the most common ways that students may lose some or all of their daily points, as well as, some of the possible consequences that the student may face:

  • Failure to dress out and not participating - loss of ten points
  • Failure to dress out but participates in activity – loss of five points
  • Unexcused tardy – loss of two points
  • Gum, candy or other food items – loss of five points
  • Misbehavior – loss of up to ten points, having to sit out of the activity
  • Failure to secure long hair – loss of 2 points
  • Wearing jewelry in class – loss of 2 points

Points lost for being absent may be made up by completing at home work outs to be signed by parents.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO GET MAKE UP WORKOUTS!!! 

Please note:  points will not be deducted for school activity absences if the student advises me of the situation.


STUDENT’S NAME_____________________________________________________

I have read and understand the policies and participation guidelines for the Strength and Conditioning at Mustang Middle School.

Student signature___________________________________________ Date ________

I have read, understand, and discussed the policies and participation guidelines for the Strength and Conditioning at Mustang Middle School with my child.

Parent Signature____________________________________________Date_________

Daytime contact number____________________________________________________

Please list any physical limitations your child may have which may impact his/her involvement in Strength and Conditioning.