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Jessica Warcup

Welcome to Mrs. Warcup's 1st Grade Class

Dates to Know:

September 30 - School Picture Day
September 30 - Parent/Teacher Conferences
October 1 - September Reading Challenge form due
October 5 - Parent/Teacher Conferences
October 13-18 No School
November 1 - October Reading Challenge form due
November 22-26 No School

What We Are Learning

2.1 Introducing the Strategy Wall
2.2 Decomposing Numbers within 10
2.3 More Decomposing Numbers within 10
2.4 Exploring Subtraction, Pairs of Numbers that Add to 10, Data
2.5 10 Apples
2.6 More Counting on to Add
2.7  Labeling Counts
2.8 Change to More Number Stories
2.9 Change to Less Number Stories
2.10  Number Models
2.11  Finding Unknowns
2.12  Unit 2 Math Assessment

3.1 Part-and-Total Number Stories
3.2 Number Story Strategies
3.3 Exploring, Counting, Matching Pairs, and Ordering by Length
3.4 Birds in a Tree
3.5 Counting on a Number Line
3.6 Counting to Add and Subtract
3.7 More Counting to Add and Subtract
3.8 Skip Counting to Add and Subtract
3.9 Counting Application: Frames and Arrows
3.10 Addition and Subtraction Application: Frames and Arrows
3.11 Counting with Calculators
3.12 Unit 3 Math Assessment


Sept 27-Oct 1:
Reading: Jack and the Wolf
    Learning About: Short a, double final consonants, and ck words
    Grammar: Complete Sentences

Oct 4-8
Reading: How Animals Communicate
    Learning About: Short i, main idea & details
    Grammar: Commands

Oct. 11-12
Reading: Seed to Pumpkin
    Learning About: how a pumpkin grows
    Grammar: Noun, Verb and Adjective review

Oct. 18-22
Reading: A Musical Day
    Learning About: short o, sequence of events
     Grammar: Statements

Oct. 25-29
Reading: Dr. Seuss
    Learning About: short e, antonyms
    Grammar: singular & plural nouns

Nov. 1-5
Reading: A Cupcake Party
    Learning About: short u, story structure
    Grammar: using a/an/the

Nov. 8-12
Reading: At Home in the Ocean
    Learning About: digraph th, s/ed/es/ing words, authors purpose
Grammar: proper nouns

Classroom Wishlist:
Thermal Lamination Pouches
Crayola Washable Markers, 8 count
White cardstock

Book Title Wishlist:
Stellaluna (paperback)
Seed, Sprout, Pumpkin, Pie (picture the seasons)
There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat
National Geographic Reader: Bats
Q is for Duck

About the Teacher


Mrs. Warcup
1st Grade Teacher
405-256-6466 ext. 3205
Plan time: 1:30-2:15

Daily Schedule

7:40 School begins
11:20-11:45 Lunch
11:45-12:10 Recess
1:30-2:15 Specials
2:35 Dismissal

Library checkouts each Tuesday

Monthly Reading Challenges

Instill the love of reading by completing these monthly reading challenges. 

Each month the challenges include:
-One act of kindness
-At least two reading activities related to fun or silly holidays
-Activities that invite students to read a specific type of book/material that they may not be familiar with
-Activities that invite students to read while doing specific things
-Activities that invite students to read in a specific location

Challenges are due at the beginning of the following month. Students will be recognized and earn a prize from me!