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Jason Hasty

About Me

On vacation in Oregon!
I am beginning my 26th year in education! This will be my 4th year in Mustang at Meadow Brook. My beautiful wife Jami is beginning her 20th year with Mustang Schools. She is the Assistant Principal down the street at Mustang Trails Elementary. My daughter is a Mustang Public Schools and Oklahoma State University graduate.  She is currently living in Denver, Colorado with her husband of three years, Nick.  My son is also a Mustang Schools graduate and beginning his Freshman year at the University of Oklahoma this Fall.  I also get to work side by side with a great friend of mine, Chris Ridgeway. We are planning on an exciting year in physical education this year. 



Teachers/Contact Information                

Mr. Hasty ([email protected])            

Mr. Ridgeway ([email protected]    


Plan Times (same for both Mr. Hasty & Mr. Ridgeway) 

10:16-10:46 & 12:24-1:01


Course Description/Philosophy

Students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of physical activities throughout the semester/year. The basic skills needed to perform each physical activity will be focused on in hopes of developing comfortable and confident movers. Instruction will be guided by the established Oklahoma Physical Education State Standards


Fitness Testing

Self/peer-assessment will be used to help determine a student's current physical fitness levels. Cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition will all be measured using Cooper Fitnessgram Testing Standards. These tests will be conducted in the Fall semester as well as the Spring.



No specific apparel is required but students will be expected to wear the appropriate shoes for fitness/activities. Students are welcome to change into their fitness shoes before class begins.



Student grades will be determined by a combination of daily participation/behavior points, teacher observation, written quizzes, and peer/self-assessments.  



Students will be asked to provide a note if they will be absent or unable to participate in activities for an extended period of time. This does not include those who are required to quarantine due to Covid-19 and/or contact tracing.


Canvas in PE

Weekly assignments and instructional materials will be made available through Canvas. All students are expected to keep up with work missed due to absences, including quarantine, through their Canvas PE course. This will be especially true in the case that Meadow Brook is forced to teach via distance learning. Those that are unable to access Canvas when not at school will be provided with paper copies. 

PE News


Daily Schedule & Plan

1st  Period  8:10 - 8:50 5th grade PE
2nd Period  8:52 - 9:32 5th grade PE
3rd  Period  9:34-10:14 5th grade PE
Plan times 10:16-10:46 & 12:24-1:01
7th Period  12:56-1:36   6th grade PE
8th Period  1:38-2:18   6th grade PE
9th Period  2:20-3:05   6th grade PE 

Contact Info