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Janette Simmons

Mrs. Simmons' Newsletter

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Teacher Information

Janette Simmons
Early Childhood Special Education
DD Pre-K Teacher
405-256-6466 Ext. 3104

21-22 DD Pre-K Orientation Packet

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 Barsa, Jeanne / Snack

Snack time is a very important part of our day.  We use this time to develop and practice language skills (making a choice, requesting more), math concepts (counting crackers, developing one to one correspondence), self-help (pouring, washing hands, cleaning area), and social skills (taking turns, sharing, waiting, passing supplies).

Students must bring their own snacks daily to school.  There will be no classroom snack or snack bags.  There will be NO SHARED SNACKS.  Teachers will not be providing snacks for students who do not bring their own. 

Due to the possibility of an allergic reaction, no nut products unless discussed with teacher first.

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