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Intermediate Science

Intermediate Science

The study of science for grades 5 and 6 follow the Oklahoma Academic Standards for Science (OAS-S) encompassing the three domains of science: physical, life, and earth and space. Examples of topics students can expect to study include:
  • Motion and Stability, 
  • Forces and Interactions, 
  • Energy forms, transformations and systems, 
  • Molecules to Organisms (structures, processes, biological unity, diversity and ecology), 
  • Human body systems and interactions, and the role of water in Earth’s processes. 
The course will incorporate scientific and engineering practices with scientific literacy and crosscutting concepts and math applications. Both classroom and outdoor activities might involve projects, outside reading, and hands-on design challenges within the course of study.
To assist teachers and students in developing their understanding of the OAS-S, the district has adopted the Pearson Interactive program.  This program includes both a write-in text along with online access to an E-text for students.