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English Language Arts

English Language Arts

Mustang Public School's Reading and English Language Arts program incorporates the teaching and learning of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing. It integrates curriculum, instruction, and assessment within the classroom to ensure our students' success across content areas. Through explicit and effective literacy instruction, we believe that the integration of knowledge, skills, and strategies of the language arts will enable our students to solve problems and think critically and creatively in all subject areas.

Oklahoma Academic Standards -

Oklahoma Academic Standards serve as expectations for what students should know and be able to do by the end of the school year. These standards were written by Oklahomans for Oklahoma.

The development, review and revision process involves stakeholders throughout the state of Oklahoma and is an ongoing and critical component to ensure Oklahoma students in every classroom receive current and relevant learning experiences.
The goal is that all students be college and career ready upon graduation from high school.