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Public Schools

Elementary - 3-4

Elementary Curriculum Overview

Mustang Public Schools Elementary English Language Arts program is focused on meeting the needs of our elementary students.   Our classes are student-centered and equipped with a comprehensive reading program designed to support the development of critical reading skills. Reading and language skills are taught explicitly and systematically with a focus on the development of fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Our teachers use current research based practices to develop the reading skills in these students.  
In Mustang, our students are encouraged to explore their learning environment, ask questions as they explore new concepts and expand their understandings of the world around them through the use of reading and writing skills.  Our teachers provide meaningful activities supported by the curriculum and sound instructional practices to ensure that the needs of all students are met.   
As students meet their goals successfully with the encouragement of their teacher, an enjoyment of learning is strengthened.  Our goal is to develop our  children to be lifelong learners by encouraging a love of reading.

Third grade Curriculum

Fourth Grade Curriculum