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Diana McElroy

Diana McElroy

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Welcome to Physical Education!
Teacher Name:
Diana McElroy
2000 Mustang High School Graduate
2005 UCO Graduate
Teaching Career:
15th Year teaching in Mustang
-8 years 3rd grade
-7th year PE
Married 16 years to Kevin
10 year old son, Garrett
7 year old son, Gunner
13 year old Pug, Tyrone

Course Outline

Mustang Horizon Intermediate

2019/2020 Physical Education Syllabus

Mr. Rinehart: [email protected]

Mrs. McElroy: [email protected]

Phone: 405-256-6461

Course Overview

At Mustang Horizon Intermediate we strongly believe that physical activity and participation are important for all students, regardless of their level of athletic skill or ability. Throughout various activities, students in our program will learn how to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives. In addition, we hope to instill enjoyment of physical activity, as well as an understanding of the importance of maintaining a physically active lifestyle

Dress: No specific apparel is required, however, tennis shoes will be stressed for safety purposes. Bare feet will not be allowed during class activities (with the exception of fitness testing).

Absences: If your child is to miss extended class time, a note stating the situation will be needed.

Grades: Daily participation & self-discipline will be two defining elements in determining an overall grade. Each student will receive a Satisfactory, Needs Improvement, or Unsatisfactory grade throughout the course of the semester. At the conclusion of each quarter, the behavior chart will be refreshed.

Student Disciplinary Chart

1= Conference with student

2= 2nd conference with student

3= Conference with student + Parent contact, may result in detention

4= Conference +Student receives ā€œNā€ status


6= Student receives an unsatisfactory grade for this course

*Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions. 


Running Club:  Mondays in August and September ONLY (must register to attend practice), Spring dates TBA

Archery Team: tryouts will be held upon return from Fall Break. For students not enrolled in physical education, tryouts will be held after school at a later date

JUMP FORCE: Tryouts September 25 Click here for application)(

Phys Ed at Home!