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Academic Club
The Academic Club consists of a team of students committed to exhibiting their intelligence in a competitive arena. Our purpose is to showcase and enhance our academic excellence at Mustang Middle School. This group of students will be challenged in a variety of studies through team academic tournaments. The club will meet as a team once a week to prepare for upcoming meets.
Sponsors: Mrs.Deanna Dowell and Mr. Shawn Elmore


Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
FCA encourages athletes and all students to be a positive example in all activities in which they participate. Anyone can join FCA! You do not have to be an athlete. MMS has meetings, fellowships, cookouts, and Game Day opportunities that help promote students' integrity, positive example, and teamwork. FCA members encourage one another to be the best they can be, bringing coaches, teachers, athletes, and all students together in efforts to demonstrate integrity, service, teamwork, and excellence in all they do.
Meeting Times: Every other Wednesday morning at 7:45 AM in Room D100.
Sponsor: Angela Burns

Student Council
Student Council is an extra-curricular activity in which students are given an opportunity to share their ideas, interests, and concerns with their peers, teachers, and principals. They often participate in raising funds for school-wide activities including social events and community projects. Students are given an opportunity to voice an opinion and help formulate solutions to various school issues and concerns. Our focus:
  1. Better school spirit and morale
  2. Better understanding between students and faculty and among students themselves
  3. Greater appreciation of good sportsmanship with other schools
  4. Wider variety of school activities
  5. Greater feeling of responsibility for our school and greater school unity
Officers include student body president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. Also, each grade chooses representatives who report back to the students in their hall regarding student issues. Besides elected positions, all interested students will be allowed to participate. We hope this experience serves to engage students in learning about democracy and building strong leadership skills.

 Sponsors: Taylor Longley


If you would like to withdraw your permission from a club you do not want your student to participate in, please complete the Withdraw Permission Form.

The Mustang Board of Education believes that certain extracurricular and social activities can enhance the learning environment of our schools. The board of education shall annually notify parents or guardians of students about clubs and organizations sponsored by or under the direct control and supervision of the school district. The annual notification shall be placed in the student handbook and by posting information on the school’s district website. The annual notification shall include, but is not limited to, the following information about each club or organization:
  1. Name
  2. Mission or purpose; and
  3. Name of the faculty advisor, if known
Parents or guardians of students will notify the school administration that they are withholding permission for their child(ren) to join or participate in one or more clubs or organizations. Parents or guardians will need to fill out and sign the “Withhold Permission” Form and return it to their child’s school site. Parents or guardians shall be responsible for preventing their child from participating in a club or organization in which permission is withheld. Parents or guardians are also responsible for retrieving their child(ren) from attendance at a club or organization in which participation is withheld. Nothing in this subsection shall prevent a club or organization from meeting when a student who is not authorized to be in the club or organization is present at such meeting.
If clubs or organizations are created or formed after the annual notification is distributed, the school district shall send additional notification to the parents or guardians containing the above-listed information regarding the additional clubs or organizations by way of a message added to the school’s district website.