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Cathy Cornelius

Centennial Elementary Physical Education and Health 

Information, Expectations & Procedures

Dear Parents/Guardians,

      This letter will inform you of the policies and procedures that will be implemented this year in your child’s physical health and education program at Centennial.  Please go over the following information with your child to insure they have a clear understanding of the following procedures that will help maintain a safe and positive atmosphere in the Centennial PE program.

  • SHOES!- Safety will always be our first priority and the first “step” to maintaining that goal. EVERY child needs to wear appropriate shoes to PE---if flip flips are worn, the child will not be able to participate that day---a pair of tennis shoes can be kept in a backpack as their PE rotation will change from week to week.

  • ILLNESS/INJURY- if at any time your child is unable to participate due to illness or injury please send a note with the following information: Name, Teacher, reason, for sitting out, #  of days out

  • FACE MASKS/COATS-Coats do not need to be worn in PE.  However, if your child chooses to wear one, they will need to keep it on or tie it around their waist.  If your child chooses to wear a mask to PE, they must keep it on during the class period.  For sanitary reasons, no coats or masks will be stored in the gym 

  • GRADING/DISCIPLINE- grades are determined by participation---this involves following the procedures of PE safely:

  1. Safety First! Must Wear Appropriate Shoes

  2. Show Good Sportsmanship Always

  3. Respect Yourself and Others

  4. Always Do Your Best

If a student does not follow the procedures and expectations for PE as shown above they will be given a verbal warning. After their verbal warning they will be sent to an area of the gym where they will be provided alternative physical activities to work on individually until they are ready to rejoin the group.  If they choose to continue to not follow the procedures during the lesson the following will apply:    

    1st time- Sit out for rest of class and fill out 1st time out sheet/No Parent Notification

    2nd time- Sit out for rest of class and fill out 2nd time out sheet/Parents will receive email or call

    3rd time- Sit out for rest of class and fill out 3rd time out sheet/parents called

    4th time- Sit out for rest of class and fill out 4th time out sheet and potentially visit the office

            ***PE IS EVERY OTHER DAY***

Again, we are excited about having your child in the Centennial Physical Education and Health Program.  Please contact me if you have questions or concerns at any time.

Cathy Cornelius-PE Teacher

Toni Pearson-PE Para

[email protected]                        

Contact Info

 [email protected]

405-256-6466 ext 3404

Daily Schedule


7:30               First bell
7:40              Tardy bell
8:20-9:05      2nd grade
9:10-9:55       4th grade 
10:00-10:45   3rd grade 
11:20-11:50     Pre-K/FLS 
11:50-12:40    Lunch/Plan 
12:40-1:25     Kindergarten 
1:30-2:15       1st grade 
2:35               Dismissal