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Bullying Information and Policy

Note from Principals:  
Principals, counselors and teachers will always take reports of bullying seriously and will investigate and address all situations.  We want all of our students to feel happy, confident and safe.  We have several ways for students to report bullying (toward themselves or others).

Bullying Information, Reporting Procedures, and MPS Board Policy

Bullying means any pattern of harassment, intimidation, threatening behavior, or physical act, directed toward a student or group of students that results in or is reasonably perceived as being done with the intent to cause negative educational or physical results for the targeted individual or group and is communicated in such a way as to disrupt or interfere with the school’s educational mission or the education of any student. 

How to Report

There are two (2) ways to report bullying.  

  • A student may report bullying to a teacher, counselor, or school administrator.

  • A student may anonymously report bullying by picking up a bullying reporting form outside the counselor's office or from their teacher and may turn the form in to the reporting box located outside the counselor's office.

MPS Board Policy- #5110 

To review our school district’s policy on bullying, you can view our policies and procedures here: 

The Policies and Procedures of Mustang Public Schools 

The policy addressing bullying is #5110