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Brittany Caffey

Class Syllabus

5th Grade Social Studies

Welcome to 5th grade Social Studies! I am delighted to teach your student about early American history. I have many exciting lessons planned and designed to engage and enrich learning. We will have a rewarding and successful year!

Course Overview:

Map Skills

Native Americans

European Explorers

Early Settlements

The 13 Colonies

The American Revolution

American Government


Savvas MyWorld Interactive Grade 5

Students will receive a student worktext (textbook and workbook combination) and access to the online platform.


Students will not usually have homework in social studies. I only assign homework two times throughout the school year. The students will be required to memorize two passages from important historical documents. They will memorize the Statement of Rights from the Declaration of Independence and the Preamble to the Constitution. Copies of these passages will be sent home at least a week in advance.

Grading Procedures & Evaluation:

Grading Scale:

A= 90-100

B= 80-89



F=59 & below

Tests are worth up to 2 grades.

At least ½ of an assignment must be completed in order to receive a grade. If not, students will have an opportunity to complete these assignments at home.  

Late work: 

1 day late- up to 80%

1 week late- up to 70%

Lowest grade on any completed assignment- 50%

After two weeks- zeros are entered into the gradebook.

Redo Assignments: 

All students will be allowed the opportunity to redo class assignments, quizzes, and tests to increase their score. If the assignment is never returned redone the student will receive the original score in the gradebook. Additional help on assignments will be available at student’s request.
***Before every test we will complete a Study Guide in class and your student will have a couple of days to study at home as well. 


In our class we work hard to be positive, encouraging, and respectful. However, if a student is struggling to follow expectations, he/she will be given a verbal warning first, and if the student continues to not follow expectations he/she will be given “strikes.” After receiving three strikes, the student will be assigned an after-school detention. I will contact parents to make arrangements. 

Strikes carry over into other core classes for Team 5W (Social Studies, Science, ELA, Math). Our team will keep track of student behavior together. Also, strikes start back at 0 (a fresh start) every 2 weeks. Please check with your student’s other teachers to see how their discipline plan may vary.

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask. The easiest way to contact me is through email, but don’t hesitate to call if you feel the need. I am looking forward to working with your student this year!

Thank you,

Mrs. Caffey 


Planning Time/Office Hours
Monday-Friday 9:35-10:10
Remind Account
Text @ba2c89  to the number 81010

About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Brittany Caffey. I am so excited to be teaching social studies at Meadow Brook this year! I graduated from Mustang High School in 2008 and went to college at Fort Hays State University in Kansas. I am married to my awesome husband, Allan, and we have one daughter, Addilyn. I love history and can't wait to share the story of our country with my students! We are going to have an amazing year together!