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Belinda Watson

CRI Bands

CRI Beginning Band Course Syllabus

Time for BAND!

Our MPS Instrumental Department welcomes you to band!
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CRI Band Course Syllabus

***Includes grading system and expectations!
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Upcoming Events, Tests, Projects

2017-2018 Calendar Dates


Beginning Band
Important Dates 2020-2021

August 24-First Day of School
October 5-First day of playing instruments
MORE TO COME as we are more aware of how our year is going to unfold!

Required Supplies


The following items are required for band class. All of these items may be purchased at our recommended music stores, Palen Music and Larsen Music (both vendors offer online purchases for your convenience.)

Flutes: Instrument, "Habits of a Highly Successful Beginning Band Musician," Book 1 for Flute, Instrument cleaning kit

Clarinets: Instrument, "Habits of a Highly Successful Beginning Band Musician," for Clarinet, Instrument cleaning kit, tripod instrument stand, at least 4 good reeds (Vandoren 2 1/2)

Trumpets and trombones: Instrument,  "Habits of a Highly Successful Beginning Band Musician,"  1 for Trumpet or trombone, cleaning kit, valve oil and slide grease (trumpets), and slide cream and slide grease (trombone)

Percussion: Innovative Percussion percussion kit (should include practice pad, bell kit, IP "Lalo Davila" snare sticks, IP-FS350 rubber mallets, and IP-300 marimba mallets),  "Habits of a Highly Successful Beginning Band Musician," Book 1 for Percussion

Recommended for all students: Folding music stand 

Band Hand-Outs and Forms

Some info. for the first week of band

Please read for week one information. Thank you!
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Band student/parent Information Google Form

Please open the link below, complete the questions, and submit by Friday, August 28, 2020. Thank you!
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Meet your band teachers!

Mrs. Watson is a 38 year band director, and she is in her 15th year at Mustang.  Prior to Mustang, she has taught in Kansas, Nevada, and Oklahoma.  She is a woodwind specialist, and works at CRI and MNMS primarily.  She has twice been named Teacher of the Year, and her bands have consistently earned top ratings.  Clarinet is her primary instrument, and she has a special interest in jazz and beginning band instruction.

Please contact Mrs. Watson by email:  [email protected] 

Mr. Ozinga

Mr. Chris Ozinga is in his 14th year of teaching, his seventh year in Mustang.  He is a percussion specialist, and teaches percussion students throughout the district.  His home state is Michigan, and he enjoys performing professionally in the OKC area.  
You may contact Mr. Ozinga at [email protected]

Mr. Chai

Mr. Chai is in his 5th year in Mustang. He is an OSU graduate and brass specialist. He was a member of an OSU trumpet ensemble that won two consecutive national titles at the National Trumpet Competition, and has performed professionally in Japan, at Severence Hall in Cleveland, and throughout Oklahoma. Please contact Mr. Chai at [email protected]