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Aubrea King

7th and 8th Grade Science

Email: [email protected]

Room: D108
Plan: 1st Hour 8:40-9:30
Aubrea King

My name is Aubrea King and I will be your instructor for Science this year. I graduated from Oklahoma State University and studied Biological Sciences and Secondary Education. I am currently the assistant softball and tennis coach here at Mustang Middle School. I recently got married so my name hasn't completely changed with the School system yet, sorry for the confusion!

7th Grade Course Description The study of science for grade 7 will follow the Oklahoma Academic Standards, encompassing these domains of science: physical and life science. Examples of topics students can expect to study include: Motion and Stability; Forces and Interactions; Energy Waves and Technology; properties of matter, balancing chemical equations, analyzing chemical reactions. The course will incorporate scientific and engineering practices, scientific literacy, crosscutting concepts, and math applications. Both classroom and outdoor activities may involve projects, outside reading, and hands-on design challenges within the course of study.

8th Grade Course Description: This is an integrated course involving Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth Science. Life science involves energy processes in cells, animal adaptations and diversity among species. Physical science will include the properties of matter, balancing chemical equations, analyzing chemical reactions. Our physics unit will focus on the science and use of electromagnetic waves as well as Newton’s Three Laws of motion. Earth Science will focus on the history of Earth, it’s composition, the types of rocks and how they form.