Empowering Today to Achieve a Better Tomorrow


Public Schools

7 Mindsets



  1. 1.  Everything is Possible - reminds us that we are all capable of extraordinary lives. Embracing this fact allows individuals to envision a wonderful life, expect greatness, and effectively execute the process of making our dreams come true.
  3. 2.  Passion First - teaches individuals that we are all unique expressions of human life, and that  we should be focused on finding our unique genius and sharing it with others and the world.
  5. 3.  We Are Connected - helps individuals to understand that everyone who comes into our lives can help us live our dreams.
  7. 4.  100% Accountable - reminds us that our futures are not predetermined and we are not   victims of our past.  We can learn that our lives are what we choose them to be at this   moment, and every moment going forward.
  9. 5.  Attitude of Gratitude - helps us realize that we build our lives on either positive or negative   foundations.  We can learn to practice gratitude on a regular basis.
  11. 6.  Live to Give - teaches individuals that abundance in our lives is a cycle.  If we want to   receive love, respect, and financial security, we must first learn to give those things.
  13. 7.  Time is Now - helps individuals to understand that all your power exists in the moment.  The   only thing we can do is take purposeful action in the present because we cannot change   the past and the present has not yet happened.