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6th Grade Theatre

Distance Learning Options

Distance Learning Options 
Theater! What a bummer that we couldn't have a final show this semester! Your health and safety are far more important than any show we could put on so I'm okay with that. I hope you are still keeping in touch with your creative sides! Entertain your siblings or parents by acting out fun things or playing charades with them! Keep in touch with your imagination during this time so you can continue to enjoy the world from inside. 
We have a Google Classroom that you'll want to be a part of. Look out for the invitation or add yourself with the code below. 
Weekly Lesson Options 
Here a few things you can do each week to keep yourselves active in the theater world!  
1. Record yourself performing a monologue from your favorite movie or just any movie you've watched recently and were really touched by the monologue. 
2. Find an inanimate object and turn it into three different things (cannot be the what it's originally for. Example: cup cannot be used to drink from.) Record the three different ways you used the object by acting out with the prop and share it with me. 
3. Using items around your house or even in the backyard, create a scene from a movie taking three pictures to act out the whole movie in the scene. (Example: If I did Beauty and the Beast, I'd make a pillow fort and take a picture of myself reading a book in front of it, a picture of myself stuck inside with a teddy bear (beast) close by then take a picture on the outside holding the bear (beast) in a lovingly way. That shows beginning, middle, and end for my story.) Share your photos with me! Best story will get a shoutout on my instagram! @sarah.cait.green

Welcome to Drama

Welcome to 6th Grade Musical Theatre!


      This class is designed to give students another art form to explore through singing, dancing, and acting. Thorughout the semester, students will focus on the fundamentals of acting, supportive singing, and styles of dance. Students will partipate in a final musical performance at the end of each semester. 

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