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6th Grade Science Content

About This Class

6th grade science is filled with FUN units including: 
* Science Methods 
* Cells and Human Body
* Thermal Energy
* Weather and Climate
* Geology 
* Plate Tectonics and Catastrophic Events

Each unit will have hand-on activities and usually at least one STEM project. Most of the project work is done within class time however. 
Each student will be issued his/her own write-in student textbook. Students will keep their textbook in the classroom, but they are allowed to take it home to finish work, if needed. 


Parents and students are able to access the textbook online. Parents will need to log in to their student's Student Portal account. (This is the same as how they log into their computer at school.)
Scroll on the left hand side to "Pearson Courses."
Select the name of the textbook for my class, "Interactive Science." 
Click on "OPEN BOOK"  You may need to turn off your pop-up blocker or allow this pop-up.  (It takes awhile that first time while the book is downloading.)
Now you can click on a unit title, or type in the page numbers.
Here is a video explanation. Student and parent information begins at time 2:50! 

Planbook Link

You may click on the icon to go to my planbook.
The district also has CANVAS for parents. 

Class Paperwork

Most information that you will need is contained within CANVAS, which you can accessed by clicking the icon on my website's home screen.