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Week 1: 8/19-8/23

MONDAY: 1. Fill out agenda,  2. Policies and Procedures Scavenger Hunt
TUESDAY: 1.Book Tasting/Test Drive
WEDNESDAY:  1.Library Visit,  2. Letter to Mrs. Good
THURSDAY:  1. Stations- procedures
FRIDAY:  1. Google Classroom set-up,  2. Policies and Procedures wrap-up

Week of 8/26-8/30

MONDAY: 1. Fill out agenda,  2. Prefix vocabulary in-, e-, ex-   3. Library visit
TUESDAY: 1. STAR,  2. Grade Prefix vocabulary
WEDNESDAY:  1. Grammar- 8 Parts of Speech video,  2. Notes and guided practice over common and proper nouns,  3. Independent common and proper noun practice
THURSDAY:  1. Grade noun practice,  2. ELA Pretest
FRIDAY:  1. Introduction/Review of genre-fiction,  2. Notes and guided practice

Week of 9/2-9/6

MONDAY: No School- Labor Day
TUESDAY: 1. Fill out agenda,  2. Continue genre- finish fiction,  3. Introduce/Review genre- nonfiction,  4. Nonfiction notes and guided practice
WEDNESDAY:  1. Workstations
THURSDAY:  1. Workstations continued,  2. Introduce/Review plot,  3. Plot notes and guided practice
FRIDAY:  1. Continue plot,  2. Begin reading "Lob's Girl" and independent plot practice

Week of 9/9-9/13

MONDAY: 1. Lob's Girl vocabulary- complete and grade,  2. Begin discussing the background for Lob's Girl
*Take home Book Report: Choice Board and have a parent sign 
TUESDAY: 1. Review plot,  2. Begin reading Lob's Girl and working on plot diagram
WEDNESDAY:  1. Continue Lob's Girl
*Picture Day 
THURSDAY:  No School- PD Day for teachers
FRIDAY:  No School- PD Day for teachers
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