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All Oklahoma Public Schools Are Closed Through The End Of The 2019-2020 School Year

At this time, all schools and offices are not scheduled to reopen until the 2020-2021 school year begins

We will be working on plans for PreK Roundup, Central Enrollment, & more - those will be communicated ASAP.

You may contact us by email in the event of an urgent need or emergency, and we will respond as soon as possible.


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Public Schools

Teacher Sites

5th Grade West Teachers:                   6th Grade East Teachers:  
ELA - Taylir Thompson                                       Math- Ryan Waggoner
ELA - Heather Karn                                             ELA - Morgan Fruit  
Math- Renee Owen                                               Science/SS - Angela Tindall
Math- Kelsey Hale  
SS - Brittany Caffey  
Science - Lindsay Cross
6th Grade West Teachers:                    6th Grade Eest Teachers:
Math - Sue Wilson                                             Math - Sarah Wright
Math - Angela Brandt                                Math - Karissa Jimenez
ELA - Bonnie Couch                                    ELA- Michelle Owens
ELA - Amber Northcutt                             ELA - Katie Rowe
Science - Cody Awbry                                Science - Clarissa Clanahan
Geography -Erin Holder                            Geography -Diana Taylor
Life App Teachers:                                          Band Directors: 
Music - Hanna Crandell                                         Mackenzie Tracy and Dr. Raiber
Technology - Vanessa Baca  
STEM/GATE - Leslie Madrid  
Spanish - Brenda Lang  
Art - Shelley Thompson  
PE - Chris Ridgeway  
PE - Jason Hasty  
Comm./ Leadership - Jennifer Edwards  
Media Technology - Jessica Pool
Special Education Teachers:
Jami Hasty - 5th  
Madge Brosh - 5th  
DeAnn Coldwell - 6th  
Rae Montgomery -  6th
Meaghan Taylor - 5th/6th 
Marcie Sutton - 5th/6th