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Aynes named Canyon Ridge Intermediate's Teacher of the Year
Keith Aynes
 Keith Aynes
Photo by Vickers Photography 
Fifth-grade math teacher, Keith Aynes was named Teacher of the Year for Canyon Ridge Intermediate. He’s been teaching for 20 years, 16 year of those with MPS and four at CRI.

Aynes became interested in teaching while he was in the Marines.

I did some volunteer work while in the Marine Corps to help with a Boys and Girls Club. At first my time spent volunteering was somewhat exhausting and challenging,” he said. “As time passed I began to look forward to those days and eventually thought maybe this would be something to pursue when my enlistment was over.”
He loves teaching math, and has found a home with fifth grade. 

“I truly enjoy teaching math,” he said. “It is concrete and I enjoy being able to show students how they can use so much of what is being taught in the world outside of the classroom. It is easy to build a connection with fifth grade students. They are old enough to understand what is happening with current events and even voice their opinions on many subjects.”

When asked to pick one student that stands out over his career, one child who serves as a reminder for why he teaches, Aynes can’t choose. He has two decades of students to choose from. 

“There are students I had 15 or 16 years ago and their parent still says he or she still talks about me and that means so much,” he said. “That is a lasting impression that hopefully will inspire these students to have their own meaningful influences on society.”

Aynes said he is blessed to teach in the Mustang Public School District where parents are involved and the community is giving. In the end, it’s the faces in the desks each day that bring him back each year. 

“I keep coming back each year because the greater purpose is so evident and meaningful. I truly believe we as teachers are a building block,” he said. “We play a role in building a sound foundation for every child we teach. A solid foundation provides opportunity.”