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Practice Expectations

Musicians practice.  It's part of the experience.  I expect my students to practice 15-20 minutes five times a week.  Parents, please help by setting a practice schedule and providing some basic supervision.  We are early in learning, so you could probably sit with your child and help them figure out solutions to problems that might be puzzling them.  It's not important that the kids strive for perfection...squeaks and toots are normal at this stage.  Just handling the instrument, making those sounds, will help them build their skill.  We accept mistakes as an important part of our learning process, so rather than perfection, we practice for PERMANENCE.  Once a skill has been adequately repeated, it will become a natural part of the student's playing.  Be encouraging, and offer positive comments like, "You are sounding better every day!" or "Last week you sounded like the lawnmower...this week, you sound more like the blender!"  (Ha!)

Thanks for all you do to encourage your child in their musical pursuits!