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Mustang Public Schools News Article

MPS to require visitors to present valid driver’s licenses for entrance

Mustang Public Schools will launch a new visitor check-in system, called SchoolSafeID, to better ensure the safety of all students, faculty and staff. For the first time, all visitors will be required to present a valid state-issued ID to obtain a visitor’s pass and enter the school. The name and date of birth on visitors’ driver’s licenses will be compared to the national database of registered sex offenders.

SchoolSafe ID will be managed through a kiosk housed in each school’s main office. A touchscreen will guide visitors through the check-in process, requiring them to scan their driver’s licenses. SchoolSafeID scans the barcode on the back, ensuring accuracy of the information recorded and making inaccurate flagging of visitors much more unlikely.

“Visitors will be able to manage this process themselves, but our front office staff will also double check driver’s licenses to ensure the ID and the person checking in are a match,” said Superintendent Dr. Sean McDaniel. 

Visitors without a state-issued ID will not be permitted to enter the school without an escort. Visitors will be able to drop items off or visit the front office without an ID.

In an era of tight educational budgets, the funding for SchoolSafeID was made possible through bond funds earmarked for school security.  

SchoolSafeID is a privately-owned software company based in Oklahoma City. The company specializes in cloud-based identification software, both for visitor management systems and generating printable student ID cards. Because the system is cloud-based, schools don't have to purchase and install additional software or computers to manage SchoolSafeID. Additional technology available through SchoolSafeID’s visitor management system includes issuing digital visitor’s passes for visitors who are in the facility on a regular basis and who've already been cleared. Those “digital passes” would be kept on the individual’s phone and scanned at the SchoolSafeID kiosk. Schools then have the ability to send messages or notifications to individuals who opt to participate. SchoolSafeID also has the ability to text a teacher when a parent of one of his or her students checks in through the system. 

For more information about the implementation of SchoolSafeID at MPS, please visit www.mustangps.org. For more information about SchoolSafeID, please visit www.schoolsafeid.com or call 405-503-3207.

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