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PVE BroncoClub kindergarteners give back

Prairie View Elementary’s BroncoClub kindergarteners recently completed a service learning project where they made pillow cases for the Children’s Center. 

Mary DeSelms, PVE reading specialist, coordinated the project when she was in a different district and wanted to do the same for the kindergarteners in BroncoClub.

“Mainly, we wanted a learning project that helped the children develop empathy for others in situations less fortunate than their own and the understanding that they could be of service even at a young age,” she said. “Sometimes we are so intent on ‘what do you want to be when you grow up' that we forget to empower our children to do good works now.” 

Students were encouraged to think of what fabrics might cheer up another child who is sick in the hospital. Students bought coordinating fabric to school and made their pillowcases with help from DeSelms.

“I would guide the fabric and the student ran the pedal,” she said. “I would put the pins in and they would take them out. To turn the pillowcase, I would pull one side and the student would pull the other.  We made 40 pillowcases and delivered them to the Children's Center.” 

Many students brought enough fabric for two pillowcases, either because they wanted to make two or they wanted a friend to have the opportunity as well.

“I was happy and amazed at the number of children that brought enough fabric to make two pillowcases,” she said. “Walmart also made a donation which was used to purchase fabric. As a result, all the Bronco Club kindergarteners were able to make a pillowcase.” 

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