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Student "Walk Out" Incident from 3/14
Dear Parents

Today thousands of students across the nation walked out of school for a brief time as a way to voice their concerns about recent events in Florida. Middle school students in Mustang approached their principals earlier this week and both schools had 17 minute voluntary assemblies. At Canyon Ridge Intermediate, students said nothing about wanting to participate except two students came forward earlier today. We explained that the middle schools had planned for the event, but without notice to make plans that we appreciated that their hearts were in the right place but it would be business as usual.

At the fifth grade recess, some students began marching on the playground and chanting about a “walk-out.” I do not believe many of the students knew about the national conversation; they were simply participating with their friends.

The marching on the playground frightened some students who did not know what was going on. Initially, a large group formed on the soccer field and split at times to small groups of students walking together. The students were allowed to continue to walk but teachers on recess duty instructed them to do so in a safe manner.

We are using this as a teaching moment, not only to talk about ways large groups of people peacefully express their concerns, but also to ease the students’ minds. The conversation will also include the importance of respecting other people’s opinions and not joining into a group activity if you don’t fully understand.

We wanted to make you aware of what happened today so you would have the information before your children arrived home.

Please call me if you have any questions or concerns.

Kathy Blackwell

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