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JROTC instructor Moreira chosen as Memorial Marathon Ambassador

What does it mean to you to be chosen? 

The Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon is one the most prestigious marathons in the nation. I feel privileged and honored to be chosen to be and Ambassador for it.  The role of the Ambassador is to spread the Mission of the Oklahoma Memorial #RUNtoREMEMBER Marathon.

What race you are running and how many times you have run the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon?

As part of being an Ambassador, I have committed to run run the full marathon.  I have run the half marathon twice, in 2017 and 2018. This year will be the first time to run the full Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon.

Why are you committed to Changing the Course of OKC?

I am committed to changing the course because our city is changing, the culture is changing and I want to be part of this change.  Changing the Course now will take the run through south Oklahoma City.  This is important because many of the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing were from south Oklahoma City and surrounding areas. People living in south Oklahoma City and surrounding areas are a very important part of the economy, culture and life of the city. This change in the course sends the message that all parts of this metro area matter and that all people in this city matter.

What are you most looking forward to about this year?

I am looking forward to increase participation in this run, I want to invite people of all backgrounds that live in the Oklahoma City Metro area to be part of this run.  In particular newcomers like me. It does not matter from which part of the country we came from, it does not matter in which country we were born.  It matters that we live here, this is our home, this is our city, this is our run and we should be part of it.

How/Why is the Memorial Marathon different from other races?

The Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon is about more than running, it is about celebrating life. Our mission is to celebrate life, reach for the future, honor the memories of those who were killed and unite the world in hope. This is not just another marathon. It is a Run to Remember and a race to show that we can each make a difference and change the world. 

Why did you choose to become an Ambassador?

I want to serve my city and its people.  I model what I expect and I want to take this opportunity to set an example in community service and citizenship.  I want to encourage other people to do take a challenge, to believe in themselves and to be part of the change.

Highlights/favorite parts of the OKC Marathon.

I like to run the memorial marathon because this run is loaded with bands, cheering supporters, banners, and the most scenic neighborhoods in Oklahoma City. I like Gorilla Hill, The Iris Alley, the Thunder cheerleaders and band, and of course I am excited about running south and back over the bridge by the Scissortail Park and the Oklahoma River.

Is there something else that you would like to share?

The Memorial Marathon has an App available for Android or iPhone and is available free in each respective app store. Runners will be tracked at their splits and can be followed by a name or bib number search.

Finally, I am asking everyone to help me to spread the mission.  Be sure to share the link below and your plans to #RUNtoREMEMBER on social media with your friends, and family. Remember this is our city, this is our mission and this is our run. 

To register, please use the below link:


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