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State Superintendent Hofmeister spends morning at MHS

Oklahoma State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister spent the morning with students and staff at Mustang High School Monday morning. Hofmeister makes it a priority to visit schools across the state throughout the year. 

“We were honored that Superintendent Hofmeister made time in her schedule to hear about the things going on in the district and particularly at Mustang High School,” said Mustang Superintendent Sean McDaniel. 

After an introduction of guests including Mustang City Manager Tim Rooney and Rep. Leslie Osborn, the Mustang Trails Elementary Honor Choir performed. MHS students then told Hofmeister about the culture, events and programs of Mustang High School including leadership and advanced placement opportunities, the student-led Relay for Life, FFA, wood shop, athletics and more.

Rebekah Pope, president of the MHS Student Council and the Class of 2018, told Hofmeister there is a class or club for everyone at MHS. She also told Hofmeister about the themes “Purpose, Passion and Pride,” and “1440.” 

“We push this theme we have here known as “Purpose, Passion and Pride,” that means doing everything we can with purpose and all we can with pride to get to the goal we are striving for with all the passion in our hearts,” Pope said. “And our Principal Dr. Wilkerson also reminds us we have 1,440 minutes in each day. And what are we supposed to do with those 1,440 minutes? We’re supposed to make sure we are impacting people all the time to be the best that they can be. And I appreciate Mustang High School and a public school that would implement such a great theme for all the students to be the best, and not only be at the top, but take others with you so we can all be successful together.” 

Hofmeister toured MHS, stopping by several classrooms and visiting with students. A JROTC drill team performed and five theatre students performed a skit. 

McDaniel made the point that Mustang High School teaches students to be leaders people want to follow rather than leaders who are followed simply because of their position.

“You are a leader people want to follow,” McDaniel said to Hofmeister. “Thank you for changing the State Department of Education from a compliance agency to a supportive agency.” 

The visit concluded with Assistant Superintendent Tracy Skinner reporting on ICAP and “redefining the senior year.” Mustang Public Schools is part of the pilot program for Individual Career Academic Plans. The district is partnering with Oklahoma Career Guide, which is through the Career Tech program, to do interest inventories with sixth graders. The interest inventories then provide suggestions for career opportunities, which give students direction in choosing future classes. 

Mustang is also “redefining the senior year” with the implementation of the MHS Senior Conference and leadership opportunities. 

“The premise is that the senior year is a checkpoint, not an end-point,” Skinner said. “We are trying to make sure we are doing everything possible for kids to have plans for their future before they walk out the door when they graduate. Our goal has always been for them to graduate, but we are rethinking that and hope to help them have ideas for what their next steps will be.” 

McDaniel was pleased with the visit. 

“Dr. Wilkerson and her staff and students were spectacular,” McDaniel said. “The students were well spoken, professional and engaging. They are an example of what is right in education. I’m thrilled that Mrs. Hofmeister was able to spend time with us.” 

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