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CRI Band Course Syllabus

Canyon Ridge 6th Grade Bands Course Syllabus Beginning Band students at Canyon Ridge will receive a full course of instruction in beginning level instrumental music. 1. Using the “Tradition of Excellence” beginning band method book 1, students will begin by learning the fundamentals of instrument assembly and care, proper handling of the band equipment, and rudimentary sound productions using mouthpieces and foundational pieces. 2. The students will progress through the levels of playing as presented in the method books. Step-by-step instruction of every element of new learning will be provided by instructors trained in each specialty area. Close supervision of basic elements of playing, including embouchure, hand position, breathing, tone production, and articulation will be solidified before moving on to note-by-note instruction. 3. As soon as basic playing techniques are in place, students will progress from note to note, rhythm to rhythm. Layering new skills onto acquired skills will be paced in a way so as to encourage self-confidence. 4. Additional pieces of literature will enhance learning, and small group performances before parent groups will introduce students to performing in a sheltered environment. There will be one parent performance per semester period, and these performances will be held at the student’s respective school in a casual setting. Parents will be welcome to listen and join in as the students perform their tasks. 5. Beginning band students will master at least a one octave range of notes over the chromatic spectrum during their first year. They will acquire mastery of rhythms through the 8th note and rest. They will learn basic elements of harmony and dynamics, music theory and music history. 6. Mastery of assigned skills will be measured by a pass-off system of testing. Students will perform the task for their instructor. A grade of “100” will be entered if the student demonstrates mastery. A grade of “60” will be entered if mastery is not achieved. The student may continue to attempt to demonstrate this task every other day until mastery is achieved. Once achieved, the “60” will be converted to a “100” in the teacher’s gradebook. Students who refuse to attempt a task will receive a “0” which may not be made up. If this does occur, the band director will call the parent to inform them. 7. In addition to pass-off exercises, students will receive a weekly participation score of “100.” Points may be removed from this score for reporting to class unprepared to participate. Common deductions are failing to bring book, instrument, and pencil. Parents are encouraged to log on to their student’s account in ParentConnect to check on all elements of the band grading system. 8. Outside of class time events may be required. These events will include performances, which are quite important as element of the student’s musical education. Failure to participate in these events will negatively impact the student’s grade. 9. Classroom management will include incorporation of a system of positive encouragement to make good decisions and logical consequences for student violations. With expensive instruments in play, it is important to maintain a strict atmosphere of classroom behavior; however, all effort will be made to keep the atmosphere in our band rooms positive, happy, and encouraging. 10. With new facilities, we resolve to maintain our inventory and our rooms. Students are expected to help in this pursuit. They will be encouraged to learn to pick up after themselves and do minor services in the band room, including picking up after themselves, racking chairs and stands, and organizing storage areas. 11. Students and their parents will be required to rent or purchase a band instrument. Efforts will be made to provide families with information designed to allow the student to be successful and to spend dollars wisely. Mustang Public Schools does not provide beginner level band instruments. Further, published supply lists and band method books must be purchased by the student’s family. Details of required items are listed on the beginning band webpage linked through mustangps.com. 12. Band is a full year course. Students should complete their first year of instruction before making a decision to quit and find a different pursuit. Scheduling at school does not allow for frequent adjusting of the student’s enrolled schedule. 13. There will be one big fundraiser each year. The Band-A-Palooza will be conducted in September, and will fund band activity accounts for the rest of the year. Students are encouraged to participate. 14. Band director contact information: Mrs. Watson watsonb@mustangps.org

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