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Great Kick Off to School Year - News this WEEK!

Hello, Parents!

Thank you for a wonderful kick off to this school year.  We appreciate those of you who were able to attend Camp Canyon, Schedule Pick-Up and Open House last week.  If you were unable to attend, there will be many more opportunities this school year, and we look forward to meeting you.  Your children are doing an outstanding job of learning procedures and applying themselves in the classroom.  We believe in every child's potential and want to help them learn all that they can accomplish through hard work.  We will strive to build their confidence and help them to learn, grow and succeed.  We love the opportunity we have in working with your kids each day!  If Mr. Meiwes or I can answer any questions or be of help to you throughout the school year, please do not hesitate to let us know. 

Attached is our first Parent Newsletter.  Click Here for Latest Parent Newsletter 8_27_18. Our CRI newsletter contains info regarding the start of school and upcoming events. 

Tomorrow, we will be selling Orange Leaf yogurt with a choice of 2 toppings for $4.00 during recess.  Soon we will begin selling other snacks in the cafeteria line ranging from 50 cents to $1.50 as well.  On Friday, your child can participate in our first optional Friday HAT DAY for a dollar.  Profits from HAT DAY will go to purchase Technology, apps, and digital resources for your students this school year.  We are hoping to purchase a 3-D printer next.  We will also have free HAT DAYS for kindness initiatives and to show individuality & CRI spirit throughout the school year.  Profits from these days will go to technology for your children as well.

Thank you for your support & for sending us such wonderful, respectful students.  We hope it is the best school year ever for your child. 

Very sincerely,
Kathy Blackwell and George Meiwes, principals

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