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NEW CRI Class & Lunch Schedules, Testing & More!

Dear Parents,
Thank you for your support during the statewide walkout.  We apologize for inconvenience and hardships for your family.  We care very much about our kids and are so excited to see them and welcome them back to school on Monday

NEW SCHOOL TIMES & NEW LUNCH TIMES begin Monday and will continue EVERYDAY through the end of school.   Morning buses will be running approximately 10 minutes earlier every morning and 20 minutes later in the afternoon. 
I have attached a CANYON RIDGE NEW CLASS & LUNCH SCHEDULE 4_2018.pdf , plus a short outline follows:

  • BELLS:  7:50am - 3:25pm
  • 1st BELL is NOW @ 7:50 am!  All students go to homerooms.
  • Car-rider line opens @ 7:25 am.
  • The earliest students may come into the building is 7:25 am.
  • Neighborhood students may cross Sara beginning at 7:25 am.
  • Classes begin promptly @ 8:00 am.
  • Earliest car-rider line is opened: 3:25 pm.
  • Dismissal BELL @ end of day:  3:25 pm.

If your child had recess 1st, they still will.

If your child had lunch 1st, they still will.

5th grade Lunch/Recess 10:53 – 11:38 ???????

  • 1st  lunch:  10:53-11:15
  • 2nd lunch:  11:16-11:38

6th grade Lunch/Recess 11:45– 12:30 

  • 1st  lunch:  11:45-12:07 
  • 2nd lunch:  12:08-12:30

Exception: (Next week due to testing) Tues., Wed., Th., & Fri.- 4/17, 4/18, 4/19 & 4/20
5th & 6th grade lunch times will be flipped to allow 5th gr. more time to complete morning tests.
5th gr. lunch/recess will begin @ 11:45 instead of 6th gr.  Feel free to call office if questions, 405-256-6955.

STATE TESTING - WE NEED PARENTS', GRANDPARENTS' or friends' HELP:  We are in great need of volunteers next week & the following week to help with state testing (Tues. - Fri. both weeks)  Please see the attached updated testing schedule and link to sign up to help monitor.  Thank you in advance to those of you who can help our kids and teachers in this way!


5th GRADE STATE TESTING:  5th graders will review for tests on Monday and begin state tests next TUES., WED., THURS. and FRIDAY (4/17, 4/18, 4/19, & 4/20)

6th GRADE STATE TESTING:  6th graders will begin state tests the following week on TUES., WED., THURS. and FRIDAY (4/24, 4/25, 4/26, & 4/27)

To help your child with testing, please ensure your child is not tardy since all students who are tardy on testing dates will have to delay their testing to the following day.  Please encourage your children not to worry, to do their best, eat a good breakfast and get plenty of rest. PTA is providing a snack. Students have been learning and preparing for these tests all year, and we are confident they will do well!  We are extremely proud of them.

All current CRI 5th graders may stay and attend CRI for their 6th grade year if students' parents are able to provide transportation.  
Exit Year Request Forms are due May 11th The Exit Year Transfer Request Form  is attached. 

If you have any questions or we can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are able to volunteer for one or several days of our testing, we will be so grateful!  Thank you again for your support and for raising such great kids.  We have the best kids and parents anywhere and are looking forward to seeing students Monday!  We've missed them!

See Attachments Above:  New School Class & Lunch Schedules effective Mon.!
                                         Exit Year Request form (to stay at CRI) - due 5/11

Very sincerely,
Kathy Blackwell and Ryan Waggoner, principals

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