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Course Syllabus

6th Grade Social Studies

World Geography:  The Western Hemisphere

Syllabus 2019-2020

Team 6 West:  Ms. Holder                                                                Room 138                                                             holdere@mustangps.org


This class we will concentrate on the countries that make up the Western Hemisphere. Throughout the first semester of this course, we learn about: tools of Geography, the Earth’s physical and human geography, cultures of the world, and the world’s political and economic systems.  In the second semester, we will apply knowledge gained from the first semester to help us focus on the Western Hemisphere.

What to Expect:

First Nine Weeks

Foundations of Geography:

Tools of Geography, Mapping Skills, Elements of Physical & Human Geography

Second Nine Weeks

Core Concepts of Geography and United States:

Five Themes of Geography, Seven Essential Elements of Culture, Physical & Human Characteristics of United States, Diversity & Exchange, United States past & present.

Third Nine Weeks

Canada & Mexico,

Physical & Human characteristics of Canada and Mexico; Past & Present, Diversity of these Countries.

Fourth Nine Weeks

Central America and the Caribbean, and  South America:

Physical & Human Characteristics of Central and South America, Countries’ Past & Present.


When you are absent from a class, it is the student’s responsibility to get missing work. Extra copies of assignments will be made available to you in the classroom. You are responsible for asking a classmate for the bell work that you missed. 

Grading Policy

  • Daily Work/Homework Assignments - 100 points
  • Quizzes – 100 points
  • Projects- 200 points
  • Exams – 200 points   


Students will be given ONE opportunity to redo classwork assignments for which they scored LESS than a 70% on. The highest possible grade for a redo assignment is 70%.

There will be no redos on tests or quizzes. 

Late Policy

All assignments are expected to be turned in on the date that they are due. Work that is over one week late will receive a total reduction of 10 points.

* I will not accept an assignment once I have posted 9 weeks grades.


Grades will be routinely posted on Parent Portal. Please remember to check for weekly updates and assignments on my website.  If you have questions, or concerns please feel free to call or email me.  Please read through the syllabus and be sure that you and your family understand what is expected in our classroom. I look forward to getting to know each of you and your families! We have an exciting year ahead! 

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