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Mustang Public Schools News Article

The Bridge donates $50,000 for second year to MPS

 Ryan Summers, student pastor for the The Bridge, presents Superintendent Dr. Sean McDaniel (right) and Deputy Superintendent Charles Bradley (left) with a check for $50,000 to purchase all the copy paper needed for the district for the 2016-2017 school year. It’s the second year the church has made the donation.

For the second year in a row, a local church has presented Mustang Public Schools with a check for $50,000 to pay for a year's worth of copy paper for all 13 school sites. Jim McNabb, pastor of the The Bridge, said simply, "It is part of our DNA to be a blessing to our schools and school district."
Mustang Schools Superintendent Dr. Sean McDaniel said he was overwhelmed.
"Pastor McNabb called me at home after eight one night in the middle of their church board meeting," McDaniel said. "When he told me what they were planning to do - to provide another $50,000 this year for the district's paper needs - I choked up. I still don't have the words to say what this means to me, the teachers and the kids."
McDaniel made it clear to McNabb that with the district's efficiency plan, Mustang Schools is on a firmer financial footing this year than when the donation was made last year. Mustang Schools finished the fiscal year in June with 5 percent carryover. Carryover funds allow school districts to operate through the rest of the summer and through the beginning of school until they receive the first round of state allocations. The increase in the district's carryover didn't deter the board of The Bridge.

"Dr. McDaniel did share with us the district was in a better financial situation than last year,  but we want to give to our community to make it even better.  We are giving to our children and if our contribution can keep one teacher from losing their job or allow the district to hire a much needed position, then the giving is a blessing," he said. "The stability of our school district in difficult times speaks highly of our leadership. Besides that, giving is a joy and God honors a giving heart."

Mustang Schools serves more than 11,000 students at 13 school sites. Support and teaching staff numbers around 1,200 people. The need for copy paper cannot be underestimated to keep the district running for an entire year.

"Mustang is the best community I've been a part of," McDaniel said. "Its support from parents, businesses and the faith community is unmatched. With this donation from the members of The Bridge, it is more than just the $50,000. It's a vote of confidence for our teachers and our principals for what they're doing to prepare our students."  

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