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Mustang Public Schools News Article

Focus on energy conservation saves district $351,000

With a focus on energy conservation, Mustang Public Schools has saved more than $351,000 in utility costs in one year.

Alan Green, director of facilities, took the post a year ago and one of his duties was to find ways to save money. OG&E had contacted the district and Green and others investigated the "Smart Hours" program where energy is cheaper in "off peak" hours of consumption.

"When you're talking about a school district and it's the tax payers' money, this makes perfect sense," Green said. "Peak hours start as the schools are clearing out for the day. Why wouldn't we do this? It was a no risk venture to sign up for the program."

Green knew the program would be beneficial but had no idea exactly how much. In Smart Hours alone, the district saved $85,996, putting Mustang Public Schools in the top 10 percent of schools statewide. HVAC settings are now switched from occupied to unoccupied as school gets out and some computers are also automatically shut down. 

By working with OG&E, there were other benefits as well. OG&E contracts with CLEAResults, a company that helps schools find energy savings. Money from a 2014 bond issue was used to retrofit old light fixtures at Mustang North Middle School and Trails Elementary. Thanks to CLEAResults, that money was extended and Mustang Valley lights were retrofitted with more energy efficient systems as well.

Before CLEAResults, the district was forced to crunch the numbers from years worth of energy bills from the district's 49 meters to search for savings. CLEAResults provides a program at no charge worth thousands of dollars that analyzes all the data.

OG&E also does benchmarking reports with an in-depth analysis of gas, electric and water consumption. With the Energy Center software from CLEAResults, Green said the district spent $351,753 less on gas and electric between 2014-2015 and 2015-2016. 

Green added today that Johnny Clark, maintenance manager, also plays an enormous role in the energy savings implementation.

"We have worked hand-in-hand on energy savings just in general maintenance on HVAC controls and systems," Green said. "He and I are in contact all the time about these programs. We hope to see even larger savings at the end of the coming school year."

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