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Below are the boundary maps in effect for the current school year. If your house is close to a boundary and you're not sure, please call the Transportation Department with your address for verification: 405-376-2630. 
Elementary Boundaries
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Elementary boundaries by site
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Intermediate Boundaries
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Intermediate site boundaries
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Middle School Boundaries

The Mustang Board of Education approved middle school boundaries for the 2019-2020 school year in preparation for the opening of Central Middle School in August. The boundary realignment will populate the new middle school while taking population pressure off Mustang North Middle School and Mustang Middle School.  

While valuable for both middle schools, this is particularly beneficial for Mustang North Middle School which has nearly 1,000 students. Mustang Middle School had 786 students for the 2018-2019 school year. Projected numbers for next year with the opening of Central Middle School are 511 students at CMS, 712 at MNMS and 644 at MMS. 

“The goal with the new boundaries was to create a pathway,” said Charles Bradley, superintendent. “Although this will be a change for some students next year, in the years to come students will move together from one intermediate school to attend the same middle school.” 

The new boundaries are expected to accommodate student population growth for several years. Parents of children who will be moving will receive a letter notifying them of the change. If the 2019-2020 school year will be an “exit year,” parents may fill out the exit year transfer request so their child can stay at their current middle school for their eighth grade year. The form should be filled out and returned to the student’s current school site by March 4, 2019. Transportation is not provided for students on an exit year transfer.  You may email any questions or concerns to boundary@mustangps.org .

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 2019-2020 Middle School Boundaries 


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